Company Introduction

Skinopathy Inc is a medical technology company creating Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and automation technology that will offer the public and medical community state-of-the-art skin disease mitigation tools and medical research insights. Our first service, GetSkinHelp.com, is already helping patients connect with specialists through its virtual platform. Our second service, a real-time medical research platform, is currently in development and will be launched in Q4 2021.
We are led by a team of physicians, data scientists, and engineers and are using newly available technology to provide better quality of care for patients, a better physician experience for practictioners, and insights for researchers. Whether it be through the creation of online platforms, data & AI platforms, or intuitive applications, our goal is to help patients catch and treat a variety of skin conditions before they become troublesome.

Brief description of main products or services 

Mobile Skin Disease Screening: an application that screens for skin diseases leveraging a patent-pending CNN to identify skin and analyze diseases (such as skin cancer) and skin conditions (such as burns).
Telemedicine for Dermatology: a mobile and web platform to empower patients to see skin specialists to address their skin diseases and skin conditions.
Dermatologic Education Platform: curated by physicians, a mobile and web platform that provides after treatment and follow-up education for skin diseases.
Dermatologic Electronic Health Records Platform – an end-to-end patient management system for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.