Bio-Techne Hong Kong Limited

  • 英文名稱:Bio-Techne Hong Kong Limited
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  • 發展階段:海外
  • 地區:614 麥金利廣場 NE 明尼阿波利斯,明尼蘇達州 55413 美國




Bio-Techne empowers researchers in Life Science and Clinical Diagnostics by providing high-quality reagents, instruments, custom manufacturing, and testing services. Our family of brands creates a unique portfolio of products and services. Science is our passion; it drives us to collaborate, develop, and manufacture award-winning tools that help researchers achieve reproducible and consistent results. Whether you are at the cutting edge of academic research, translating basic discoveries to therapeutic leads, or at a facility that requires the highest level of diagnostic testing, our innovative products and services provide the solutions you need to achieve success.