[Webinar] 從手動到自動細胞計數方法轉移的最佳實踐

[Webinar] 從手動到自動細胞計數方法轉移的最佳實踐

細胞計數是運用活體細胞流程中不可或缺的部分,大多數實驗室都有細胞計數的標準操作程序 (SOP)。當引入新儀器和技術時,可能需要進行橋接或相關性研究,以便從現有方法轉移。在此,我們將提供一個逐步轉移的步驟範例。


細胞計數是運用活體細胞流程中不可或缺的部分,大多數實驗室都有細胞計數的標準操作程序 (SOP)。


  • 設備或材料的陳舊
  • 需要更高的通量或容量
  • 需要減少可變性並提高精度
  • 流程改進以提高效率

當引入 Vi-CELL BLU等新儀器和技術時,可能需要進行橋接或相關性研究,以便從現有方法轉移。


日期:2021年10月27日下午1:30 PM(台北時間)





Joseph Leung

Regional Product Manager, TASK region
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Joseph is the Regional Product Manager in TASK (Taiwan/Hong Kong, Australia/New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Korea) region and responsible to provide technical information on Cell Health, QC monitoring and separation products. Joseph obtained the Master Degree on Material Science and Engineer in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and has been worked in Beckman Coulter and support Particle Counting and Characterization for more than 10 years

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Learning Objectives

Cell counting is an integral part of processes that use living cells.  Most labs have standard operating procedures (SOP) for counting cells.

Many factors may drive a change to the current SOP, such as:

  • Obsolescence of equipment or materials
  • Need for higher throughput or capacity
  • Need to decrease variability and improve precision
  • Process improvement for increased efficiency

When a new instrument, technology like the Vi-CELL BLU is introduced, it may be necessary to conduct a bridge or correlation study in order to migrate from an existing method

In this presentation, we will provide an example of a step by step approach to migrating

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Priscilla Tsai

Product Manager 
Beckman Coulter Life Science - Taiwan Branch

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