2023 Taiwan x Berkeley Public Health 生醫創新加速培訓計畫 | Startup Island TAIWAN

2023 Taiwan x Berkeley Public Health 生醫創新加速培訓計畫 | Startup Island TAIWAN

為了加強台美生醫產業連結,加速台灣新創對接美國生醫市場,國發會、Startup Island TAIWAN 與美國 UC Berkeley 公衛學院合作生醫創新加速培訓計畫(2023 Taiwan-Berkeley Health Innovation Accelerator)。



為了加強台美生醫產業連結,加速台灣新創對接美國生醫市場,國發會、Startup Island TAIWAN 與美國加州大學柏克萊分校公共衛生學院合作生醫創新加速培訓計畫!
將選送 5 家生醫新創赴美進行 3 個月培訓,藉由接受美國生醫領域的專家指導與訓練,期望協助新創優化產品/服務,並學習創新管理的新知與法規,進而爭取商機。 

✦ 徵集團隊: 生技醫療領域之新創公司 (包含生物技術、醫療器材、醫療保健、製藥等) 
✦ 報名期間: 即日起至 12/02(五)中午 12:00 止
✦ 錄取名額: 5 家新創公司 (每家至多 2 位人員赴美參加培訓) 
✦ 培訓期間: 2023 年 2 月至 2023 年 5 月(90天) 
✦ 培訓地點: 美國加州大學柏克萊分校公共衛生學院(SPH) 

立即報名: https://forms.gle/3pyhM1reNqrAPN3x5
*報名截止於 12/02(五)中午12:00 (GMT+8) 


???? Calling all biotech startups! ???? 


With the goal of strengthening the #biotech innovative industry in Taiwan, #NDC, Startup Island TAIWAN, and #BerkeleyPublicHealth, will be sponsoring 5 suitable startup teams to join the 2023 Taiwan x #BerkeleyPublicHealth - Health Innovation Accelerator Program. 

Startups will be working directly with professionals to facilitate custom programming tailored towards their goals! ???? 

✦ Who we're looking for: Biotech and Medical Startups (e.g. Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)
✦ Application period: 11/15 - 12/02 
✦ Number of admissions: 5 Startup Teams (Up to 2 people from each team can join the program) 
✦ Program duration: 02/2023 - 05/2023 (90 days) 
✦ Program location: UC Berkeley School of Public Health (SPH),  California 

???? Register now: 


*Application closes on 12/02, 12:00PM (GMT+8) 

*In-depth details for registration eligibility is attached in the form 

See what our alumni have to say about the program! 

???? https://youtu.be/Wm5nzI8wclE