Meet the startup CEO. Miko Wen

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Meet the startup CEO. Miko Wen
Miko Wen, CEO and founder of TaiwanEarning, a trailblazer in comparative medicine, is bridging the gap between human and pet healthcare. With 96% shared genes, dogs play a crucial role in understanding diseases. Recent studies hint at the potential of medications for canine malignant tumors extending to human use, meeting unmet clinical needs.
Emerging as a spin-off from the Medical Device Innovation Center at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), TaiwanEarning specializes in tumor thermal ablation technology. Starting with pet healthcare, specifically in tumor treatment, Wen circles back to human medicine. He introduces a groundbreaking platform named "Comparative Oncology," opening doors for new drug development and clinical research to address broader clinical needs.
Wen underscores the core value of comparative medicine in addressing the scarcity of new drugs for humans and dogs. TaiwanEarning is gearing up to establish the first Comparative Medicine Research Center in Asia in collaboration with NCKU's Medical College. They're actively recruiting talents! Join us in revolutionizing the biotech and medical field in Taiwan!
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