【Intro】Phalanx Biotech Group

Phalanx Biotech Group

Company Introduction

Phalanx Biotech Group is one of the global four microarray developers, providing genomics services (RUO/LDT/IVD), and genetic testing services in reproductive medicine (prenatal/postnatal CNV tests), population medicine (SNP tests), liver cancer ctDNA Methylation Test as well as scientific research OEM/ODM services.
Phalanx Biotech’s expertise is in expression profiling and genetic analysis which stems from its excellence as an original design manufacturer of gene expression microarrays, CytoOneArray®, targeted chromosomal microarrays, for prenatal and postnatal CNV (copy number variation) test services.
Apart from that, Phalanx Biotech also provides an all-in-one of value at risk for +17 common cancers and +13 chronic diseases by genetic tests from our SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) microarray for personal health and risk assessment.
Especially, Phalanx pertains an exclusive patent for Liver DNA Methylation Test - A breakthrough genetic testing development by leveraging DNA methylation markers for early liver cancer detection and screening. The sensitivity and specificity of LiverEDx reach to 84.2% and 83.0%, respectively, with AUC=0.87.

Brief description of main products or services 

A new generation non-invasive pregnancy test

Our next-generation non-invasive prenatal test intends to provide a third candidate for the pregnant woman to select for the prenatal test with a more precise testing result than cell-free-based NIPT and a more convenient sampling method than the amniocentesis. 

Most importantly, we can do it in the first trimester, around 7 weeks to 12 weeks of pregnancy, instead of at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Our bioelectronic cell isolation chips provide high-efficiency target cell capture and release capability to get trophoblast cells from the specimen. With this fantastic device, we can finish the cell capture and isolation within few hours of operating.  NGS or aCGH can apply to the isolated cell sample to determine the genetic defect by a higher resolution non-invasive prenatal test compare to the current cell-free DNA NIPT method.

Clinical Applications of DNA Methylation in Cancer Management

LiverEDx, the first product derived from the DNA methylation technology platform, is the cutting-edge technology for liver cancer early screening. According to the validation on over 1000 cases, the sensitivity and specificity reach 84.2% and 83%, respectively. The performance is obviously superior to the current gold standard – alpha fetoprotein (AFP). Furthermore, LiverEDx can detect liver cancer in the very early stage (BLCL 0 stage), implying being a powerful tool for cancer screening. 

Potentially, methylation markers will act as the promising next generation tools for cancer precision medicine.
A few specific methylation markers have been identified to predict the clinical treatment outcome with very exciting results. The AUC (area under the curve of ROC) attain 0.86. Moreover, combining with AI algorithm, the accuracy rate is up to over 90%. “The DNA methylation Platform Technology” has been developed to identify novel methylation markers in diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring after clinical treatment of cancer. It is also suitable for exploring cancer drug selection, including target therapy and immunotherapy.