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Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd. - TAcc+

Company Introduction

In 2020, we are one of top 12 innovative young companies for worldwide strategic collaboration selected by Merck KGaA. Our technology can shorten the time consumed in detecting biomarker at the laboratory from three hours to just several minutes and enhance the detection sensitivity of devices which allows our product to gather data comparable to top diagnostic laboratories. Monitoring disease progression after drug treatment can also be done more effectively by combining novel biomarkers with a cutting-edge biosensing platform to assist the patients in achieving the goal of self-health management. especially for patients with cancers, neurodegenerative diseases or infectious diseases.
2016年8月由鍾尊智、二位技術發明人周禮君院長及王少君教授共同成立了「奈捷生物科技」,陸續在 台北南港及美國各成立營運據點。核心研發團隊來自微流體、生物、化學、光電及軟硬體整合技術背 景,這也是商品能開發及持續優化並進入量產的關鍵。
除了研發團隊,公司也成立國際行銷及海外銷 售部門,該部門成員平均擁有超過十年以上的市場操作經驗,負責將產品推進國際市場。透過手持式裝置將可更有效協助患者進行疾病預後追蹤(Prognostic),數據同步後端診療雲端平台,達成「照護即時化」的願景,協助病患作進一步診斷和自我健康管理的目標。

Brief description of main products or services 

Key Products

Our key products are based on the unique & patented FOPPR™ Technology (Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance).  FOPPR has proved to be a promising technology with high analytical sensitivity (1,000-fold higher than conventional ELISA) with preferrable specificity. Our instrument Light-Sensing Biomarker Analyzer (platform) offers instant and accurate results for a variety of applications. The additional beneficial features provided are portable ease of use, inexpensive sensor chips, remote mode connected to telehealth for digital health management. 

Market issues

Researchers and clinicians rely extensively on biomarkers as research and clinical tools. However, many biomarkers are not detectable using conventional technologies. Under this circumstance, biomarkers only detected with relatively narrow ranges that reflect more advanced disease conditions. For advanced medical research and early disease diagnosis, the biomarker detection range need to expand into wide range.

Our Solutions

The label-free and bio interaction-based detection of FOPPR™ enables a wide range of applications in biochemical research, development and diagnostic processes.