【Intro】Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

Company Introduction

As a national research and development laboratory, the Institute of Nuclear Energy (INER) is specialized in nuclear energy and radiation applications. Our first priority is the research and development of nuclear energy safety, radiation protection, emergency response, and nuclear back-end related technology. Along with the change of time and national policies, INER performs work on the fields of radiopharmaceuticals and medical materials, and green energy applications. We have accumulated a lot of tradable technologies and patents and offered technology transfer, technical service, and cooperative development to assist domestic enterprises in product development, innovation process, and system improvement with high performance.

Brief description of main products or services 

With the recent development of precise therapy and personalized medicine, INER chooses nuclear medicine and imaging technology as priority research and development field, based on the concept of what we see what we treat.

INER has already a mature infrastructure, including drug discovery, 30MeV cyclotron (supply medical isotopes), optimization of lead compounds, preclinical study, clinical trials (IND), registration (NDA), PIC/S GMP manufacturing production facility (including raw materials and drugs), drug marketing, etc. In addition, INER also has several important radiation biomedical facilities such as PET, SPECT, MRI and CT, etc. INER is the only domestic R&D institute with integration of nuclear imaging applications and clinical trials, as well as industry counseling, technology transfer capabilities.