【Intro】Mycenax Biotech Inc.

Mycenax Biotech Inc.

Company Introduction

Founded in 2001, Mycenax is a devoted CDMO company that has extensive experiences in developing biologic products for our clients around the globe. Ranging from peptides, fusion proteins, and monoclonal antibodies to cell therapy products, we provide our clients with time- and cost-effective services through our high-standard technology platforms and PIC/S GMP certified manufacturing facility.

Brief description of main products or services 

Mycenax is offering one-stop CDMO service for biologics including, cell line development (CHO, Sp2/0, E. coli), process development, formulation, analytical methods, GMP manufacturing and fill-finish.
For the cell line development, we recently introduced the Beacon® Optofluidic System (Berkeley Lights, US) to streamline the workflow and provide strong evidence for monoclonality. For process development, we are killed in upstream and downstream process development and scaling-up to the desired manufacturing scale. In addition, we are pioneered in developing continuous bioprocess. Our formulation team has worked on both biosimilar and novel products of different dosage forms. To accompany the execution of process and formulation developments, MBI has the analytical capacity to provide full spectrum of physiochemical and biological tests to satisfy various types of biologic products. For GMP manufacturing, our current GMP facility has 3 production lines that can provide mammalian production at 2,000L, microbial production at 200L, and fill-finish for liquid, and lyophilized dosages. In addition, our 2nd GMP facility, which hosts 2 production lines with up to six 2,000L bioreactors per line, will be completed in mid-2021 to further expand our GMP production capacity.  
With our integrated platforms in process development and GMP production of biologic products, MBI is a great partner our worldwide clients.

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