【Intro】Swiss Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Swiss Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction


瑞士藥廠嚴格遵守PIC/S GMP標準,從原材料品質檢查、到加工品質控制,到最終產品品質保證,一概備有完整記錄,以供分析及未來參考用途。專業的製程及品質深獲全球各地多家跨國公司之推崇,包括德國Heumann Pharmaceutical及美國Bristol Meyers Squibb公司。

Swiss Pharmaceutical, founded in 1952, is a generic pharmaceutical company, focusing on product developing, manufacturing and supplying quality generic drug products of various dosage forms and therapeutic areas. Our facility has been inspected by the Taiwan FDA and US FDA.

Brief description of main products or services 

Generic Product:
Through all the years, Swiss Pharm has accumulated products covering wide range of the therapeutic areas and dosage forms and continue to invest vast amount of resource in developing products and technology. With an open mind, Swiss Pharm is always seeking partners for product cooperation.
Swiss Pharm facility has the capability to manufacture Solid Dosage Forms, Semi-solid Dosage Forms, Liquid Dosage Forms, Sterile Dosage Forms, Cephalosporin Products (Dedicated Facility). Utilizing the experience gained from years of generic product development, Swiss Pharm also offers product development service which help our partners connect the dots between product idea, development and production.

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