【Intro】Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp.

Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp.

Company Introduction


Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp. (MVC) is a biopharmaceutical company using cell-based technologies to develop novel vaccines and biosimilars. With a goal of national self-sufficiency, MVC also aims to provide vaccines and biopharmaceuticals to meet regional needs and with a desire to help globally against the threats of infectious diseases. MVC's pipeline includes COVID-19 vaccine, enterovirus EV71 vaccine, dengue vaccine, influenza quadrivalent vaccine which all have entered late clinical stage. MVC's large-scale production facility is state of the art and adherent to international PIC/s GMP requirements.

Brief description of main products or services 

MVC is developing a portfolio of COVID-19 vaccine candidates in order to assist with local, regional and global recovery efforts. The leading candidate in MVC’s portfolio is an intramuscular vaccine based on the prefusion stabilized spike protein, S-2P, licensed from U.S. NIH. Preclinical and clinical results indicate a strong COVID-19 vaccine candidate likely to be effective in preventing severe infection and an ideal candidate to assist in the global fight against COVID-19 due to favorable cold chain requirements.

MVC’s Enterovirus 71 (EV71) vaccine has completed its Phase III clinical trial in Vietnam and Taiwan in Q2 2021 and has shown to induce sufficient neutralizing antibodies in participants. Once approved by regulatory authorities it will be the world’s first EV71 vaccine approved from 2 months old to 6 years of age. Clinical data also shows cross-reaction to B4, B5, C4 and C5 subtypes.

Recently, MVC completed Phase II clinical study in the elderly for a Dengue vaccine candidate and have been developing a lyophilized version of the liquid formulation licensed from U.S. MVC has also partnered with GC Pharma from Korea for the importation of Seasonal Influenza QIV. MVC will continue to develop new vaccines locally and with global partners to assist with new emerging diseases.