[Webinar] Rare event analysis in flow cytometry(09/17、09/24)

[Webinar] Rare event analysis in flow cytometry(09/17、09/24)

流式細胞儀的一大優勢是同時檢測多種細胞參數,搭配DURAClone IM ILC和DURAClone RE高靈敏度檢測試劑,能準確分析稀有細胞外,在最大程度檢測樣品下有效避免樣品損失。


有些細胞在人體血液和組織裡含量很少但卻很重要,例如Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC)在先天免疫系統就扮演重要角色;另在抗體治療領域上,準確解測和分析這些稀有細胞是了解疾病進程的重要關鍵。

但因為稀有,檢測上並不容易,而流式細胞儀的一大優勢是同時檢測多種細胞參數,搭配DURAClone IM ILC和DURAClone RE高靈敏度檢測試劑,能準確分析稀有細胞外,在最大程度檢測樣品下有效避免樣品損失。


  Session 1 (Sep. 17): Innate Lymphoid Cells
Session 2 (Sep. 24): Abnormal rare cells of the B cell lineage



Session 1
Rare event analysis in flow cytometry (I): Innate Lymphoid Cells
Speaker: Michael Kapinsky(Product Manager @Beckman Coulter)
Time:2021/09/17  15:00
Innate lymphoid cells (ILC) play an important role in innate immunity, lymphoid organogenesis, tissue remodeling and inflammation. While ILCs do not express an antigen-specific receptor such as found on B or T cells, they form a phenotypically and functionally heterogeneous population that can be categorized into 3 groups, i.e., ILC1, ILC2 and ILC3. ILCs can be found in various tissues including peripheral blood.
Flow Cytometric analysis of ILCs face the challenges of extremely low frequencies as well as the absence of specific markers, forcing discrimination of all leukocyte lineages with a comprehensive set of markers.To address these challenges, the new DURAClone IM ILC antibody panel accommodates analysis of enriched suspensions with high leukocyte concentrations and eliminates the pipetting of 17 antibodies, introducing a new level of standardization in flow cytometry of ILCs.
Session 2
Rare event analysis in flow cytometry (II): Abnormal rare cells of the B cell lineage
Time:2021/09/24  15:00

Rare event cytometry has emerged as a powerful and important tool in clinical research of blood disorders. Sensitive and specific detection of just a few dozens of abnormal target cells among millions of normal cells is one of the most challenging applications in flow cytometry. Antigen expression patterns of greatly abundant normal populations may overlap with the expression patterns of rare abnormal cell populations. In the era of biologics, we also need to take into account that therapeutic antibodies might mask important antigens such as CD38, preventing their detection with conventional analytical antibodies.
The DURAClone RE kits consist of a carefully selected combination of antibodies and have been optimized to accomodate either large sample volume or high cellular concentrations to achieve high sensitivity for rare populations. Furthermore, a new class of camelid-derived antibodies can be used together with the DURAClone antibody panels, allowing to overcome the masking of target antigens with targeted biologics by the detection of so-called cryptic epitopes.