【Intro】Brain Navi Biotechnology

Brain Navi Biotechnology

Company Introduction

Brain Navi Biotechnology was founded in 2015 with headquarters and primary research and development centers in Taiwan, located in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. It takes Taiwan’s advantages in R & D and production in the electronics industry, selecting Taiwan as a research and development and production base.

Brief description of main products or services 

The Nasal Swab Robot helps reduce staff-patient contact with highly infectious diseases at the point of testing by autonomously navigating and safely collecting patient samples. The robot automatically recognizes the patient’s facial structure and the precise nostrils location; it accurately locates the uppermost nasopharyngeal target position and gently collects collection.

NaoTrac, the Neurosurgical Navigation Robot, merges high-precision technology and surgeons’ experience to improve accuracy and outcome by streamlining surgical procedures and improving the learning curve equipped with Al, Machine Vision, and Robot-Assisted Surgery. Surgical navigation with non-contact registration, preoperating planning preparation, and choosing the surgery pathway with a 3D vision for precise anatomical location. The unique autonomous procedure allows the surgeon to plan and let NaoTrac act as his assistant.