【Intro】APrevent Medical Inc.

APrevent Medical Inc.

Company Introduction

APrevent is a medical device company founded by a team of international clinically experienced physicians, engineers, and researchers with deep industry expertise. APrevent is dedicated to providing minimally invasive and innovative laryngeal implant and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies for voice and speech disorders, which are patient-orientated, physician friendly and improve the quality of lives around the world. APrevent has offices in Taiwan and Austria. The Austrian company is ISO 13485 certified for design, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices.

Brief description of main products or services 

APrevent VOIS is the world’s first and only patient specific adjustable implant to treat glottic insufficiency, which will significantly improve voice quality, breathiness, and reduce the incidence of aspiration pneumonia. This solution shortens operation time and reduces risk of perioperative complications and post-operative airway compromise. APrevent VOIS is customized for each individual’s need, thus enhancing result optimization for each patient. Innovative breakthrough solution satisfies physicians, patients, and payers. This solution can address over $6 billion US dollars potential market. APrevent VOIS has received CE Mark and is opening market in Europe and southeast Asia countries.

AiSpeak (APrevent Intelligible speak) is an innovative solution using AI machine learning technology providing patients to communicate with their own speech, which converts dysarthric speech into intelligible speech in real time. It can also recognize, diagnose, and monitor conditions of a neurological disease based on the changes and variations of acoustic characteristics from patients. To help dysarthric patients regain normal communication capability and life quality, APrevent is developing several innovative solutions based on AiSpeak technology platform, including Portal and Messenger. AiSpeak opens a door to a complete new dimension of user experience for dysarthric patients with high potential value.

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