【Intro】Antaimmu BioMed Co., Ltd.

Antaimmu BioMed Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

主要開發新一代免疫治療生物藥劑 Neobody™ , 透過對癌細胞的高度專一標靶作用、增強免疫檢查點阻斷功能、並避免對正常細胞的攻擊而減少副作用,達到提高整體免疫系統對癌細胞的偵測以及毒殺作用。安肽生醫目前已經開發了噬菌體展示平台(phage display platform),表現人類合成抗體庫、原生性抗體庫、以及免疫小鼠的抗體庫,可用於篩選對癌症標靶分子與免疫檢查點分子具有專一性結合能力的單株抗體。除了治療用生物製劑之外,安肽生醫也規劃開發體外診斷試劑 (in vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents ),因應精準醫療之發展,並作為公司新穎 Neobody™之應用。
AnTaimmu BioMed (ATBM) is a new drug discovery company focusing on developing novel therapeutic antibodies and protein drugs. Based on our bioinformatic and protein science technologies, we have constructed human synthetic antibody libraries, naive antibody libraries, and antibody libraries from immunized animals for screening specific monoclonal antibodies of cancer target molecules. We value humanity and are committed to improving human health. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we are also dedicated to the development of SARS CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies as therapeutic drugs. ATBM partners with PBF and Eirgenix and launched Vstrip COVID-19 antigen rapid test in the middle of 2020.

Brief description of main products or services 

ATBM® has constructed antibody libraries and protein libraries with high complexity, and set up a highly efficient platform for protein/antibody production and antibody screening. We focus on developing Neobody™, a new generation multivalent antibody, which enhances the capability of our immune system to detect and destroy tumor cells and avoids attacks on normal cells.

  • Cancer Drugs:
Our primary goal is to develop novel immunotherapy antibody drugs for cancer with enhanced efficiency and fewer side effects. As a biologics drug development company, we will develop our drug until an early phase of clinical trial, and then cooperate with an international pharmaceutical company to complete development of the clinical drug.
  • COVID-19 Therapeutic Drugs:
We are also dedicated to developing SARS CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies and have screened several candidates with high affinity and neutralization ability. We are constructing the candidates into the form of Neobody™, which is designed to bind to multiple different epitopes on SARS CoV-2 spike protein, preventing virus escape mutation. 
  • Antibody Services:

In addition to our proprietary drug development, we also provide antibody and protein services, including gene cloning form hybridoma, antibody humanization, monoclonal antibody production, customized monoclonal antibodies, and antibody affinity maturation for academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.