【Intro】LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd

LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd

Company Introduction

LuminX Biotech dedicates to accelerate the optimization of cell-therapy-products through specific understanding of therapeutic cells distribution in-vivo, long-term viability, as well as their biological fate either in preclinical or clinical setting and our technologies can transition a potential therapy from the research stage to advanced clinical and commercial applications to save lives.

Brief description of main products or services 

LuminX Biotech provides “A Pharmacokinetic Platform for Preclinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Cells.” which enabling long-term imaging and tracking of stem cells in vivo has been developed by using LuminX Tracking Kit as biomarkers. The platform, consisting of LuminX kits labeling, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, fluorescence-activated cell sorting, and magnetic modulation techniques, have many unique features including simple labeling, high throughput, and unequivocal detection of fluorescence signals that are not confounded by tissue autofluorescence and/or fluorescence derived from exogenous stains.  Moreover, the LuminX Tracking Kit labeling does not alter the intrinsic properties of the stem cells.  By using this multifunctional platform, we have been able to follow the fate of LuminX Tracking Kit - labeled stem cells in vivo after transplantation, locate their position in tissue with single-cell resolution, and quantify their engraftment capacity and biodistribution for the first time.  The method is general and has broad applicability to study the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of various therapeutic cells for preclinical evaluation.
LuminX Platform has 4 significant advantages:
1. Eternal red fluorescence signal.
2. Global Positioning System(GPS) of cells in vivo
3. Bio-D/PK/PD of transplanted-cells
4. Shorten R&D time/reduce costs
In terms of adjuvant applications, LuminX has successfully developed a nano adjuvant with a small amount of antigen but high antibody production, and only requires one-shot. It also combines with the LuminX tracking platform to provide customers with tracking the trend of immune cells, understanding immune cells and The mystery of cell medicine in living organisms.