【Intro】Taiwania Capital Management Corporation

Taiwania Capital Management Corporation

Company Introduction

Taiwania Capital is a venture capital firm that was founded in 2017 by the National Development Fund of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan and private enterprises. Our mission is to establish a partnership with companies worldwide and boost Taiwan’s economic growth. Taiwania Capital is named after Taiwania cryptomerioides, a unique tree species that took its name from Taiwan in 1906. Taiwania tree is one of the tallest tree species in Asia, surrounded by a diverse and vibrant ecosystem. By linking technology and capital, Taiwania Capital aspires to also create a robust ecosystem in Taiwan that is rooted in entrepreneurial innovation.

Brief description of main products or services 

Taiwania Capital focuses on investing in early-stage companies and have launched four funds since 2017.
Fund I was launched with a fund size of US$ 150M. The key areas are enterprise software, autonomous systems, AI, IoT, robotics & drones, information security, next-gen semiconductors, sensors, and cloud infrastructure. For each industry sector we approach, our investment targets represent those startups with the greatest inchoate potential.
Fund II
With a fund size of US$ 200M, Fund II invests in companies with disruptive and advanced technologies which address unmet medical needs. The key investment thesis is to bridge Taiwan innovations with the global biotech industry.
Fund III
With the fund size of US$ 55M, Fund III focuses on investments in MedTech startups which develop therapeutic/diagnostic device or precision health-related medical technology in Taiwan and North America.
Fund V
The fund size is US$ 55M. The primary investment areas focus on early startups specialize in automation, enterprise SaaS, 5G and networking, advanced manufacturing, and digital health.