【Intro】JelloX Biotech Inc.

JelloX Biotech Inc.

Company Introduction

JelloX Biotech Inc. is a startup company focusing on laboratory developed tests (LDTs) for patient screening and precision medicine.  We have developed patented 3D pathology imaging technology and AI-empowered MetaLite software for exquisite multilayer inspection of fresh biopsy and FFPE tissue blocks with > 100x information suitable for both prospective and retrospective analyses in preclinical and clinical studies.  With intact tissues our solution may reveal true morphology features for rapid cancer status evaluation, and demonstrate comprehensive biomarker signatures (such as PD-L1 and TIL) correlating with treatment outcome.  We aim at initiating proof-of-concept collaboration with pharma and biopharmaceutical partners.

Brief description of main products or services 

JelloX Biotech Inc. devotes in breakthrough technology for precision diagnosis to solve the problems of low probability of success (POS) in drug development and low overall response rate (ORR) immune checkpoint inhibitor drugs such as those targeting PD-1 and PD-L1.  Our innovative 3D pathology products are designed with a complete process including thick tissue staining & clearance, high speed image scanning, and AI-enabled data analysis.  In addition, our unique sample preparation process is reversible, making it possible to fit into current pathology workflow.  We have launched the first research use only (RUO) product-3D pathology imaging and analysis service in 2020, and provided customers high resolution morphology (nucleus and membrane) and biomarker images in 3D space.  Moreover, our MetaLite software is developed as a viewer for users to easily annotate morphology features and identify cancer cells in regions of interest.  Image data acquired from multiple tissue specimens may be further input to train in-house designed algorithms to build AI model for rapid identification of tumor regions, quantitative characterization of specific cell numbers and biomarker expression, and comparison of differential biomarker profiling. 
JelloX Biotech Inc. owns patented 3D pathology imaging technology and AI-empowered MetaLite software in support of rational experimental design for digital pathology and patient screening.  Our pioneer product has demonstrated advantages over conventional 2D pathology in terms of comprehensive volume-based morphology features, rapid operation process, accurate quantitative analysis, and strong clinical outcome relevance.  The most recent progress regarding prostate cancer and lung cancer immuno-oncology therapy has been respectively published in USCAP and AACR in collaboration with our early adopter customers.  The innovative MetaLite software with versatile AI models has been implemented with professional annotation and validation by multiple pathologists, its application in both 2D and 3D pathology image analyses will be deployed to facilitate medical research and clinical evaluation in summer 2021.