【Intro】AnHorn Medicines Co., Ltd.

AnHorn Medicines Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

AnHorn Medicines is a novel drug discovery company with a strong pipeline, offering therapies that Target and Degrade disease-causing proteins. Our mission is to develop new class of BIGPRO® (Bi-functional liGand induced PROteolysis) drugs under the foundation of Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD), to address a broad range of life-threatening and life-impairing diseases.
安宏生醫AnHorn Medicines 應用AI人工智慧進行新型藥物開發,打造全新蛋白質降解藥物 BIGPRO®,治療眾多危及生命的疾病。安宏生醫已在癌症、神經退化性疾病及老年疾病等拓展多項研發產品線,並積極與世界級藥物開發領先公司洽談策略合作,開展BIGPRO® 蛋白質降解藥物的後期研究。

Brief description of main products or services 

AnHorn Medicines focus on novel therapies for cancer, neurodegeneration, and aging diseases by applying AnHorn’s proprietary AIMCADD® platform. We are turning innovation into new therapeutics – new opportunities to target difficult-to-treat and drug resisting diseases.

AnHorn’s Drug Development Strategy:
.Focuses on discovering BIGPRO® new drugs
.Develops novel E3 ligase and its ligand
.Expands unexplored therapeutic opportunity in undruggable targets
.Establishes a multilayer patent protection framework for projects