【Intro】Sunny Pharmtech Inc.

Sunny Pharmtech Inc.

Company Introduction


Founded in 2014, Sunny Pharmtech endeavors to develop specialty generic drugs, 505(b)2 drugs, and CDMO services. Sunny integrates its expertise for both API and Drug Product in process development, scale-up, and manufacturing. Sunny develops unique chemical reactions, spray drying, ion exchange extended release, solid dispersion technology, and features unique equipment to handle high-potency chemicals, in tablet, soft-gel and vial, ampoule and powder fill injectables.

So far Sunny has 5 products launched in the US, 3 pending FDA approval, 3 more ready to file, and 12 products under development.  
Sunny’s highly response, seamless, one-stop shopping CDMO services extend from API process scale up, drug formulation development, to manufacturing. Sunny has satisfactory customers in Taiwan, US, Japan, Australia and China.

Brief description of main products or services 

  1. Niche drug development for global markets:
Integrated API and Drug Product development and marketing
a.  Oral IR & MR products: tablet, hard and soft-gel capsules, suspensions, and semi-solid forms,
b.  Injection and Injectable: liquid, powder fill & lyophilization
c.  High potency/cytotoxic and sterile compounds handling
d.  Inspected by FDA, TFDA and customers
  1. CDMO service:
Features one-stop solution of vertically integrated services
a.  API process development, scale up and manufacturing
  • Various chemical reaction including hydrogenation, unit operations including spray drying
b.  Drug product formulation development, scale up and manufacturing
  • Various ER technology including Ion-Exchange Resin drug carrying
  • Various solubilization enhancing technology including solid dispersion
  • injectable line for high potent/cytotoxic compounds (powder fill/ ampoule/ vial)
  • Soft-gel line for high potent/cytotoxic compounds
  • Oral solid line for high potent/cytotoxic compounds
  • Oral dosage lines for non-high potent compounds

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