Taiwanese Company’s AI System for Brain Metastasis Detection Expands to the Next City! DeepMets Obta

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(Source: Taiwan AI Labs)
Taiwan’s AI powerhouse, Taiwan AI Labs, recently announced that its brain metastasis magnetic resonance imaging-assisted analysis system, DeepMets, which was licensed by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) for Software as Medical Device (SaMD) in 2022, has once again obtained the Class B medical device license issued by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam, and they are currently avidly collaborating with major medical institutions in Vietnam.
Ethan Tu, the founder of Taiwan AI Labs, expressed that the AI smart healthcare solutions developed by Taiwan AI Labs have been certified by international partners. These include, among others, the European Union’s new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and the United States’ CDC. Further, the company was invited to join the WHO Stop TB Partnership. Hence, Taiwan AI Labs has also extended its reach to Southeast Asia, establishing an AI healthcare supply chain.
DeepMets is jointly developed by Taiwan AI Labs and the Taipei Veterans General Hospital team, and its subsidiary TAIMedImg obtained the TFDA’s SaMD license in September 2022, becoming Taiwan’s native TFDA-approved MRI artificial intelligence medical device.
DeepMets is capable of diagnosing brain tumors and symptoms in 30 seconds through brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and can provide information such as the number, diameter, volume, etc., which allows clinicians to have more comprehensive data as a basis for subsequent medication and treatment, as well as for disease monitoring.
Taiwan AI Labs announced in May 2023 that it has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Turing College of Lithuania for collaborations in artificial intelligence. Intensive exchanges in joint learning, intern exchange, and other programs will also be introduced. Lithuania’s new Turing College provides online artificial intelligence courses for working professionals. Students can learn from leading AI companies such as Google, Meta, and Amazon and engage in joint learning with experts of research-intensive institutions such as Taiwan AI Labs, Cambridge, and Stanford in the future. Presently, the college has over 500 students from over 20 countries and is focused on becoming one of the largest AI colleges in the EU by 2025.
Ethan Tu shared that Taiwan AI Labs had signed a memorandum of cooperation with Microsoft Taiwan a few days ago to rapidly deploy AI products worldwide through Microsoft Azure cloud. Of the products, DeepMets was introduced first, and many AI products will be launched subsequently.