【Intro】EirGenix, Inc.

EirGenix, Inc.

Company Introduction

EirGenix is established on a dual business model; (1) internal product development of biologics, specifically biosimiliar and biobetter development, and (2) a biologics-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO). In regards to the CDMO business, EirGenix provides full-scope services from cell line development and process optimization, to small-scale and commercial GMP manufacturing of both mammalian and microbial cell-based biologics. EirGenix has PIC/S GMP-compliant facilities that are operated with the highest efficiency, ensuring the company delivers both high-quality and cost-effective products to our clients. As of now, EirGenix has accomplished more than 60 CDMO projects that include the development of various biologics such as mAbs, bispecific mAbs, fusion proteins, recombinant proteins, protein vaccines, and plasmid DNAs. EirGenix has built a state-of-the-art PIC/S GMP commercial manufacturing facility in Zhubei Biomedical Science Park. Until now, EirGenix has successfully completed multiple 2,000L/4,000L GMP and PPQ runs. Currently, four 2,000L SUBs are fully operational and an additional eight 2,000L SUBs will be installed for future expansion in the coming years. With a total capacity of 24,000L, EirGenix aims to expand further into the Asian, European, and North American markets.

Brief description of main products or services 

  1. CDMO Business: EirGenix is a contract development and manufacturing organization that performs one-stop, high quality and cost-effective services supporting our global clients in the development, analytical testing, and GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals from pre-clinical to commercial GMP manufacturing of DS and DP.
  2. Biosimilar Business: EirGenix currently has seven products undergoing development. Four antibody products are for treating HER2 gene variance; one antibody biosimilar is for inhibiting angiogenesis, and one carrier protein is for vaccination use. Please check the development status of our pipeline in our company website.

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